roving reporter

I left Kanchanaburi early this morning. It was good to be allowed back on the roads. First stop was the actual Bridge Over The River Kwai, which still has an old train go across it from time to time:


Got involved with a little fishing off the actual Bridge Over The River Kwai:


Rode on for a couple of hours, past paddy-field after paddy-field, surrounded by limestone hills:


Eventually found the ancient Koapoon Cave Temple. It’s a spectacular place and I had it all to myself. It consists of nine caves, all varying in size and you have to go deep underground, sometimes crawling through tiny gaps, to reach the Thape-Ni-Mitra room, where this fella passes the time. We hung out.


An incredible place. Worth the endless and very confusing journey back.

General conclusion of the day: I am an incredibly good motorbike driver, despite what all previous crashes might indicate.

  1. Madeleine said:

    Am only aware of one mo’bike “incident” in Newcastle-onTyne glad am not aware of the others – your mother

  2. Brian Ogle said:

    That temple looks AMAZING I need to see that. Great pictures man!

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